The Benefits Of Professional Dental Cleaning

By Dr Anthony Hua

Maintaining good oral health contributes to our overall well-being. Despite daily oral care, professional cleaning remains an indispensable part of maintaining optimal dental health. In this blog, we will discuss the benefits of professional dental cleaning.

Understanding Professional Dental Cleaning

Before we delve into the significance of professional dental cleaning, let’s first understand what happens during the procedure. It involves:

  • Plaque and Calculus Removal: Regular brushing and flossing may not entirely remove these irritants and accumulation of bacteria, leading to the risk of tooth decay and gum disease.
  • Tooth Polishing: After the removal of plaque and calculus, teeth are polished to remove surface stains and any residual plaque.
  • Fluoride Treatment: This is an optional step that involves the application of a fluoride gel or foam to help strengthen teeth and protect against decay.

Exploring the Benefits

Comprehensive Oral Health Evaluation

A professional dental cleaning session is not just about cleaning your teeth. It provides an opportunity for a comprehensive assessment of your overall oral health. The dentist will not only evaluate your teeth and gums but also your tongue, throat, and jaw joints.

Prevention of Oral Diseases

Regular professional dental cleanings help prevent oral diseases by identifying early signs of problems such as cavities, broken fillings, fractured teeth, and gum disease. Early detection facilitates early intervention, which could save you from more complex and costly dental treatments in the future.

Guidance on Oral Hygiene Practices

A professional dental cleaning session is an opportunity to receive valuable tailored advice for your oral care. It may include practical insights on brushing techniques, effective flossing, dietary considerations, and the use of oral hygiene aids.

Oral Care for Children

Professional dental cleaning plays an important role in children’s oral health. It not only instils good dental hygiene practices early on but also helps in identifying and addressing orthodontic issues that might affect a child’s permanent dentition.

Extending Beyond Oral Health

Beyond oral health, regular professional dental cleaning has other benefits that impact your overall well-being:

Aesthetic Improvements

Professional cleaning helps remove stubborn stains caused by tea, coffee, wine, tobacco, and certain types of foods, restoring your teeth’s natural colour.

Fresh Breath

One of the most effective ways to address persistent bad breath is by maintaining good oral hygiene, and professional dental cleaning is an important part of it.

Positive Impact on General Health

Research and numerous studies have linked certain health conditions to chronic gum diseases resulting from poor oral hygiene. Regular dental cleanings, coupled with good oral hygiene practices, can help reduce the risk of such conditions.

The Psychological Benefits

Besides physical health, professional dental cleaning can impact mental well-being. A healthy smile can improve self-esteem and contribute to a positive self-image. In addition, it can also reduce the stress and pain often associated with dental issues and emergency treatment.

Professional Dental Cleaning In Burleigh Heads

At Burleigh Dental Studio, we provide expert oral hygiene appointments where we perform comprehensive dental examinations along with professional cleaning. These maintenance visits are recommended every six months. During the cleaning process, our dentists in Burleigh Heads gently yet thoroughly remove plaque and calculus buildup. The process also helps eliminate coffee, wine, and nicotine stains. Contact our team today to request an appointment for a dental checkup and cleaning.

dr anthony huaArticle by Dr Anthony Hua – Principal Dentist

Dr Anthony Hua is the Founder & Principal Dentist at Burleigh Dental Studio. His passion, expertise and dedication to the field of dentistry have been recognised by his achievement of Fellowship status with the Australian Society of Implant Dentistry (ASID) and the International Congress of Oral Implantologists (ICOI).


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