Burleigh Dental Studio has been purpose-built with the latest Sirona and Planmeca technology

We are home to some of the most cutting-edge and innovative dental equipment in the world.

Cone Beam CT and OPG Imaging

We are currently amongst a few on the Gold Coast equipped with a brand new Sirona Orthophos XG 3D Cone Beam CT and OPG machine. This means that full-mouth dental scans can be done conveniently on the spot in our studio, without the need for referral to a radiology clinic.

Orthopantomogram (OPG) x-rays can be used to help diagnose fractures, infections, tumours, cysts and dislocated jaws in 2D.

Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) x-rays accurately visualize in 3D both erupted and unerupted teeth, tooth root orientation and other anatomical structures such as dental nerves which allows for safer and more efficient dental implant and oral surgery treatment planning.

Digital X-rays

Intraoral digital x-rays can be performed safely in-chair with very minimal radiation exposure. Specialised Sirona software captures and processes the x-ray image allowing for immediate assessment and diagnosis. We utilise Sirona’s latest Sidexis 4 system, the “Gold Standard” in image processing software. Our advanced x-ray equipment and digital films have inbuilt radiation minimisation technology to help reduce your radiation exposure to As Low As Reasonably Achievable (ALARA).

Advanced Laser Dentistry

Burleigh Dental studio is equipped and certified to perform advanced laser dentistry. Utilising Sirona’s flagship dental laser, our laser treatments provide improved bacterial reduction, less post-operative pain and can give you scar-free wound healing. Laser dentistry facilitates success in many procedures including cosmetic dentistry, oral surgery, periodontology, implantology and endodontic treatments. A popular procedure is having laser correction of uneven, “gummy” smiles by a crown-lengthening procedure which is quick, painless and provides long lasting aesthetic results.

Rotary Endodontics

Our rotary endodontic system and apex locator are on hand to ensure root canal treatment can be performed efficiently, accurately and with the highest level of predictable success. We utilise warm gutta-percha obturation methods, proven to deliver a superior 3D fill of the root canal system, and therefore enhanced long-term treatment success.

Digital Impressions

Utilising our award-winning Trios intraoral scanner, digital impressions can be taken with high accuracy, precision, and patient comfort. Unlike conventional analogue impressions, gag reflex concerns are alleviated. The advanced processing of optical images allows for efficient diagnosis, treatment planning and monitoring of our patient’s teeth and alignment. This is particularly useful for orthodontic appliances, dental implant planning and restorations. Overall dental health can also be assessed including detection of malocclusion, abfraction, attrition, and occlusal trauma due to bruxism.

World-Class Implant System

Burleigh Dental Studio takes pride in utilising dental equipment and materials of the highest standard, ensuring your treatment is of superior quality. The world-renowned MIS, Biohorizons and Neoss implants are our systems of choice. These implants come with a lifetime warranty on all clinical components, so you know your smile will last.

Premium Cosmetic Materials and Dental Laboratory

Our cosmetic dentistry and laboratory work will never be compromised or sent overseas. We pride ourselves on delivering outstanding, stable and long-term treatment outcomes. Our laboratory work is handmade by a local dental ceramist and prosthetist whom Dr Hua has worked with for several years, to help ensure optimal quality assurance.

Together we provide high quality, handcrafted, bespoke and efficient laboratory results. For our cosmetic cases, we organise complimentary consultations with our dental ceramist so you can discuss the shade, shape and design of your new teeth to ensure you are happy with the final result.

Cosmetic and general dental materials, are not all equal. The secret to our outstanding results and happy patients are a testament to the high standard of skills and materials our team uses for your smile. We only use the highest quality materials and protocols supported by the Dental Science Industry – only the best will do!

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