Advanced technology for a comfortable experience

It may sound daunting; but swift advances in technology and techniques are making the root canal procedure a much less invasive, more comfortable experience.

The main purpose of a root canal treatment is to save a tooth, which due to extensive trauma, decay or disease has resulted in damage to the pulp. The pulp is the actual tooth “nerve” and provides nutrients to the tooth. If this nerve tissue dies, it’s important to have it removed and replaced with a biocompatible root canal filling to prevent the spread of infection and risk of tooth loss. A root-canal-treated tooth is often already damaged by decay or trauma – and as a result will often require a crown to provide strength, support and longevity to protect the underlying treatment.

Many of Dr Hua’s patients have had incredible outcomes with their root canal treatment lasting many years. With the proper care and attention, root-canal-treated teeth can last a lifetime. Visit us at the studio, and we’ll discuss with you the best treatment options available that will be successful for your smile.


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