Minimising the risk of future decay

A completely painless procedure to smooth and protect the surface of healthy molars to minimise the risk of future decay.

Dental sealants are a preventative measure used to smooth out the fissures of the molar teeth. Dental sealants are especially advantageous for young children, because it can be difficult for them to brush their cavity-prone back molars. Dental sealants will fill the fissured and grooved surfaces of these teeth to help prevent buildup and future tooth decay. Prevention is the best cure.

The chewing surface of your molars contain natural pits and grooves which we call fissures. It’s within these grooves that tooth decay commonly occurs because it’s difficult to thoroughly clean these areas when brushing. Over time, trapped bacteria and plaque can lead to decay and cavities. Applying dental fissure sealants to your healthy molars seals and smooths the tooth surface so it’s easy to keep clean, and prevents future plaque build-up and decay.

In a completely painless procedure, the tooth is thoroughly cleaned and prepared. A liquid tooth coloured sealant is placed onto the surface to fill the pits and fissures. The liquid is set with an ultraviolet light and voila! You’re on your way with teeth that are easy to clean, and with much less risk of future molar decay.


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