Restore speech, function and aesthetics

Full or partial removable dentures are an effective and affordable solution to restore speech, function and aesthetics

Denture Care and Relines

Is your denture not fitting as well as it used to? The structure of our bone and gums alters over time, affecting the shape of the ridges that support your denture. A denture resurfacing, or reline may be all that is required to resolve an ill-fitting denture.

Hard Denture Reline

A hard reline entails the placement of soft putty inside your denture before returning it to your mouth. Your gums and soft tissue mould the putty into shape. The putty is sent to our dental laboratory where it is replicated with hard acrylic and added to your denture. We will ensure your relined denture is adjusted as necessary to ensure it’s a perfect fit for your mouth.

Soft Denture Reline

A soft reline follows the same procedure; but employs a more pliable, softer material. This technique is often ideal for patients who are suffering sore spots on their gums from wearing ill-fitting dentures. In this case a hard reline is too painful to wear. The soft reline is a comfortable temporary solution while the gums heal. After which, it is replaced by a hard reline.

If you have lost some, or all of your natural teeth there are several types of dentures available:

  • Full dentures replace all the teeth in your mouth with a prosthetic device made to fit over the soft and hard tissues of your mouth
  • Partial dentures rest over your natural teeth and replace only the missing teeth
  • Immediate dentures (either full or partial) can be planned, fabricated and placed in your mouth immediately following the scheduled removal of your unrestorable teeth


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