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An incredible smile is unforgettable

Do you think your smile could be improved? Do you feel confident when you smile and laugh?

Every smile is unique and beautiful, but if you need a large or even small transformation visit Dr Anthony Hua to join many others who have discovered their dream smile.

No matter who you are, Dr Hua will find the ‘right’ smile for you.

His aesthetic excellence can be seen on many famous smiles from NRL footballers, TV presenters and models to fellow Doctors and Dentists.

Dr Hua is currently rated the top Dentist in Gold Coast by Three Best Rated.

We pride ourselves on creating dream smiles, because only the best will do.

The Refined Approach to Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry is an advanced field of dentistry that uniquely combines art and science to create an aesthetic and functional smile. As a progressive field, there are many dentists that claim to be qualified in providing the ‘perfect smile’, and there is no shortage of practitioners that promote cosmetic procedures such as veneers and ‘smile makeovers’ to patients. However, not all practitioners and procedures are created equal, with many patients becoming dissatisfied with their results.

Many of these patients become increasingly concerned about having further cosmetic procedures to correct their dissatisfaction for fear of losing teeth or experiencing further complications with their smile. This is because Cosmetic Dentistry is an exceptionally difficult field in dentistry, requiring mastery of multiple disciplines to perfect the craft. Advanced treatment planning, meticulous analysis of function, occlusion, adhesion, and morphology are all needed to create a smile that is unique, beautiful, and natural to each patient.

The result of every cosmetic dental procedure depends on the training, knowledge, and experience of your cosmetic dentist. To ensure that you have the best result, you should find a practitioner with comprehensive experience within Cosmetic Dentistry. Dr Anthony Hua is extensively trained to provide Cosmetic Dentistry to the highest standards. He is widely recognised and respected for his meticulous precision and attention to every detail – qualities that have allowed him to create numerous dream smiles. Dr Hua’s aesthetic excellence can be seen on TV presenters, NRL footballers, athletes, models, international executives, and fellow Doctors and Dentists.

Cosmetic dentistry is Dr Hua’s professional passion.

Take a look at our Smile Gallery for real examples of what a smile transformation can achieve for you.

Our goal is to give you confidence in your smile, so you can wear it all the time.
A smile is a simple act and a great gesture, so let us help you find your greatness today.

Comprehensive Treatment for Outstanding Results

Crown and veneer treatment goals vary with each individual; but share a common value. We focus on quality, not quick patient turnarounds. Our typical cosmetic multi-unit crown, bridge or veneer procedures are completed over 2-4 appointments to ensure you’re completely happy with your new smile.

Will it break the bank?

Dr Hua utilises premium materials applied with state-of-the-art equipment and technology to achieve outstanding cosmetic dentistry results. Experience high-quality dental service and care in our ultra-modern and relaxing environment, only found at Burleigh Dental Studio.

Treat yourself to a luxury smile you’ve always dreamed of without the luxurious price tag.

How does it work?

You begin with booking an initial planning appointment with Dr Hua followed by a complimentary consultation with our local dental ceramist to discuss the shade, shape and form of your desired teeth. We take into account your age, gender, facial versus dental midline and long axis, complexion, as well as various teeth-specific, gum-specific and occlusal factors.

This ensures that your handcrafted, bespoke crowns, bridges or veneers truly enhance your unique smile whilst being stable, balanced and in harmony with your facial form. Typically, you will attend two more appointments with Dr Hua as we prepare and perfect your new look.

We work closely with our dental ceramist and if required offer an ‘in-situ try-in’ appointment to ensure everything looks and feels as intended inside your mouth before we permanently bond your new teeth.

We take the time to ensure a successful result – you can’t rush perfection.

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