Emergency Dentist Gold Coast

We understand the stress and urgency of toothaches

Impact-damaged teeth and debilitating dental pain. It’s our mission to get you comfortable and smiling again as soon as possible.

Emergency Dentist Services

​Dental emergencies can strike when you least expect it. With advanced equipment including 2D OPG and 3D CBCT imaging scans available, we can assess and address your dental emergency efficiently. The main emergencies we deal with are extractions, root canal treatments and trauma.

Contact us by 12 pm for a same day appointment

While bookings are essential, we always do our best to accommodate walk-in patients. If you experience an emergency dental event and contact our studio by 12 pm, our friendly team will do their best to schedule a time for you to be seen on the same day.

We pride ourselves on supporting our patients and community, and that includes during emergency situations.

Whether you have a toothache, a broken tooth or had an unfortunate accident we are here to help. We have been offering emergency services for years and have experience with a wide range of dental emergencies.

Find an Emergency Dentist in Your Area

Preventative measures are important to help minimise dental emergency occurrences. Have a comprehensive examination, any treatment required planned and completed before conditions worsen and make sure you stick with your regular 6 monthly dental hygiene visits. All these measures can help minimise the likelihood of you experiencing and requiring treatment for a dental emergency. Speak with your regular dentist to learn what emergency dental services they offer and make sure they are kept up to date with any medical or dental history changes you may have.

As a comprehensive and emergency dentist in Gold Coast, Burleigh Dental Studio provides effective and responsive dental care to minimise pain and treat a wide variety of emergency situations. With advanced equipment including 2D OPG and 3D CBCT imaging scans onsite, we can diagnose and address your dental emergency efficiently. While bookings are normally essential, if you contact us by 12 pm, our team will do their best to schedule you a same day emergency appointment.


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